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After selecting the following choice, the system will remember the agency in question and suggest you to select this agency during the Real Estate Search Order in the Customer Zone.

Professional assistance, brokerage and consulting

in the purchase of real estate

in Poznan and the surrounding area.

Thanks to our brokers, finding and buying a property will no longer be such a nightmare as it usually is when the search begins for a person who is not very efficient in this demanding market. 

In order to ensure the highest satisfaction, we provide our clients with the possibility to determine as many as 100 criteria for choosing a house or a flat, which will be taken into account by experienced advisors of cooperating real estate offices in Poznan.

For example, you can indicate that you need a dwelling in a building with facilities for the disabled, specify the maximum heating costs and show on a city map which location you are interested in. All you need to do is fill in our clear form, and the real estate agent expert will know that you are to look for a flat with an island kitchen and air conditioning, and on top of that located in close proximity to a kindergarten. 

With help from us, you'll save a lot of time, nerves and money, and your family will get the nest of their dreams. It's also a great way to find an excellent investment opportunity - you'll quickly see that we have a great understanding of the market!

Unique business card

The real estate offices in Poznan presented on our corporate business card are characterized by certain specifications, which you can read about in the items below. 

Basic information about the office is the criteria which informs us about the most important elements of the given office's activity. Thanks to them, you can easily and quickly select an office that, for example, operates on the basis of a professional licence, has a conference room, handles properties on the primary residential and commercial market. You can also check the size of a particular office, how many brokers it employs, whether it builds up property portfolios and how long it has been operating in the Poznan market.

The heading " Real estate serviced" will provide you with information on the possibility of buying a flat, a house, a plot of land, a commercial unit or another object, for example a garage or a parking space in an underground garage. 

If you are looking for a business premises, for example, we will be happy to look for it for you in any possible configuration, whether it be an office, commercial or gastronomy premises. 

An item for the purchase of a flat, for example, can refer to either a low-end flat, a lower-middle flat, a upper-middle flat, a high-end flat, a loft or a penthouse. Each flat has a characteristic specification which you can easily determine when you decide to buy a property with us.

When you choose the right property to buy, only those offices that cater to that type of property will be displayed, so you don't have to worry about choosing an office that doesn't meet the conditions of your enquiry.

Office size:
Total number of employees
Office history:
Years on the market:
Service in another language:
Customer service in English:
Formal issues:
Membership in the Real Estate Brokers Association:
Operation based on a professional license:
Additional services:
Providing real estate rental services:
Create real estate portfolios:
Additional amenities:
The office has a conference room:
The office makes presentations 7 days a week:
The office offers the "Additional real property photo shoot" service:
The office also serves real estate on the primary market:
Primary housing:
Primary Commercial:
Real estate serviced
Flat: House: Plot: Business premises: Another object:
Low-end: Yes
Detached house: Yes
Housing development: Yes
Commercial: Yes
Tourist accommodation building: Yes
Lower-middle: Yes
Semi-detached house: Yes
Commercial and service development: Yes
Gastronomy: Yes
Commercial building: Yes
Upper-middle: Yes
Terraced house: Yes
Housing and service development: Yes
Office: Yes
Office building: Yes
High-end: Yes
Atrium house: Yes
Habitat plot: Yes
Industrial building: Yes
Loft: Yes
Group (nested) house: Yes
Agricultural land: Yes
Warehouse: Yes
Penthouse: Yes
Agritourism farm house: Yes
Forested land: Yes
Gastronomic facility: Yes
Holiday apartment (condo/apart): Yes
Farm house: Yes
Tourism-related services: Yes
Cultural facility: Yes
Castle, palace, manor house: Yes
Production: Yes
Educational facility: Yes
Warehousing: Yes
Sports or recreational facility: Yes
Pond, lake: Yes
Automotive facility: Yes
Island, peninsula: Yes
Health care facility: Yes
Facility on industrial premises: Yes
Other non-residential building: Yes

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Office range

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business premises, plots of land,
commercial properties
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real estate
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