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Buying a property is a very important decision.

You should first consider what is important to you and what are the criteria that must absolutely be satisfied in order for the property to meet your expectations.

Below you will find the main criteria included in our Property Search Form that you can specify before you decide to buy a property:

  • Price (the price range you are willing to pay for the property)

  • Time frame of purchase (e.g. a month, quarter of a year, half a year or a year)

  • Purpose (e.g. residential property / property for investment)

  • Location (e.g. district, housing estate)

  • Primary / secondary market (new property, purchased from the developer / second-hand market)

  • Building (e.g. building type, condition of the facade and roofing, year of construction, condition of the staircase, lift, facilities for the disabled)

  • Flat (e.g. type and condition of the flat, total area, number of rooms, height of the flat, type of heating, central passageway, a separate kitchen / toilet, fully furnished / equipped)

  • Plot ((e.g. additional areas, such as a playground or garbage cans)

  • Equipment (e.g. air conditioning, fireplace, alarm system, anti-burglary doors or shutters, Home Management System)

  • Appurtenances (e.g. a balcony / terrace / garden / basement / storage room / parking space / garage)

  • Services (e.g. reception, security, concierge, relaxation zone, outdoor activity zone, housekeeping, rental management)

  • Surroundings (e.g. gated housing estate, monitoring, infrastructure for children, proximity to kindergarten / school / university / recreational areas / shops, location that will facilitate the sale / rental of the property)

  • Access (e.g. convenient access by car, public transport, proximity to a tram / bus stop or underground station)

  • Maintenance costs (e.g. fixed fees, heating costs)

  • Legal status of the property (e.g. no entries in sections III and IV of the Land and Mortgage Register, joint ownership / full ownership, encumbrance, etc.)

You can specify all the criteria in your Customer Zone - there are over 100 of them, compiled in a user-friendly form. You can add your comments to each item to direct the broker to your individual preferences.

In addition, you can select criteria which are of crucial importance to you, and which must be met so that the purchase satisfies your requirements and is profitable for you.

There are 5 basic must-have items: property type, search area, property purchase time frame, property price and property area so you don't have to select all items, you can focus on the most important ones.

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