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We have a saying in our trade that price negotiation constitutes the remaining 5 percent of a successful real estate purchase. A meticulous analysis of the offer and extensive knowledge of the market allows us to negotiate the most favourable purchase terms of the selected property.

Regardless of the type of real estate, we will be happy to play the role of your personal negotiator. Here is our list of 5 key aspects for effective negotiations of the final price of a flat, house or business premises:


Based on the technical condition of the property, we calculate the expenses required for any renovation or modernisation works.


We look with a critical eye on the equipment of the property, also when it comes to the details.


We review the individual features of the surroundings of the selected property, such as the condition of the building, its advantages and disadvantages in terms of nearby facilities and development of the area, including any investments in the vicinity that might be a possible nuisance.


We try to negotiate a storage room, additional parking spaces or a garageat at a good price on the primary market.


We verify statistical data of comparable properties in similar locations in order to assess the attractiveness of the price offered.

We do our best so that you can enjoy a profitable transaction and give us a 5/5 in the art of negotiations.

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