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Are you looking for real estate? Then you are at the right place.

Below you can see a flowchart of the real estate purchase process on our platform:



You register at TheRealEstate.pl


You choose the type of property and the time frame of its purchase


You fill out the Property Search Form and define the search area

You choose a real estate broker to carry out the order


You make the pre-payment (online)


You are contacted by our agent who verifies all the details of the Order

You sign a real estate brokerage agreement with an agent


The Agent provides you with an unlimited number of real estate offers that meet your expectations


You choose the properties that you want to see


You decide to purchase the selected property

The Agent prepares the Memorandum of Understanding Property Purchase, Inventory of Real Estate Equipment, photographic documentation


You purchase and acquire the property

The Agent prepares a Property Hand-Over Protocol


You pay the remaining amount of the commission


Property search criteria

The Property Search Form is an advanced tool for determining the most important criteria of the property you are looking for.

The number of available criteria depends on the type of property

  • House - approx. 100 selection criteria

  • Flat - approx. 100 selection criteria

  • Plot - approx. 50 selection criteria

  • Business premises - approx. 60 selection criteria

  • Other facilities - criteria determined separately

Why so much? Here you can check what criteria you can set, for example in the case of buying a flat.

We carefully verify each form submitted via the Client Zone. The contact with the seller, broker or developer is our priority. Sometimes it takes hours to determine the current state of a given property. Our advisors carefully analyse your search criteria in order to select those that may be of potential interest to you. We take into account not only the physical appearance or condition of the property, but also its legal status, surroundings, maintenance costs or location in relation to the city centre or your place of work.

Our approach to presentations is also unique. It is not about showing you three properties on a given day to convince you to choose one. Thanks to the dedicated Client Zone, you can decide for yourself whether you want to spend your time to see a given property or not and whether you want to buy it. You will receive from us detailed information that will help you to make a decision. Leave price negotiations, preparation of written and photographic documentation, a visit to a notary public and other formal aspects of the transaction to us.

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