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Every offer we prepare is described in detail and its photographs are available to potential buyers. If the chosen real property is interesting, but you would like to see more details before you see it live, you can order an additional photo shoot*.

Now you can see the details you find interesting without leaving your home. A standard photo shoot includes photos of the property from the outside, common areas (e.g. the staircase) and individual rooms. At the customer’s request, we can also take photos of the view from the windows or prepare a floor plan with information on the square metres of individual rooms. You can also tell the broker what elements should be photographed. The documentation will be available in the Customer Zone under the chosen order.

The price of the photo shoot is equal to a showing of property and you can exchange it for one showing, e.g. if you have five showings available under the paid activation fee, you can exchange some of them for additional photo shoots, which will help you answer the question whether it is worth moving on to the next stage to see the chosen property live.

* The service is available in selected offices.

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