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The brokerage agreement we propose specifies the scope of duties and activities of the broker that must be performed during the real estate purchase process.

They include:


Searching for a Property in accordance with the preferences indicated by the Client in the Order from among the offers on the Broker database and other available on the market, including on the basis of cooperation with other brokerage offices


Offering the Customer selected properties in order to present them to the Customer, including by placing offers in the "Customer Area" of the Website


Arranging and conducting the presentation of the Real Estate, including using the functionality of the Website


Getting acquainted with the legal and factual status of the Real Estate and its verification


Inspection of the Property


Ongoing consultancy in the scope covering the signed Agreement

 .. and after the Customer accepts the proposal to make the Transaction, additionally:


Organization of negotiating the terms of the Transaction


Obtaining and collecting documents related to the Real Estate necessary to conclude the Transaction


Organization of the course of the Transaction stages


Organization of the settlement of the Transaction and the release of the Real Estate

The contract is signed for an indefinite period with the possibility of terminating it with a 14-day notice period.

All registered users in the Customer Zone have access to the full agreement.

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