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When you pay a commission in connection with the purchase of real estate, you ask yourself - what does this fee include and what constitutes its value.

TheRealEstate.pl offers its clients the entire real estate brokerage process. What does it mean?

By choosing our service, you will receive:

  • access to Customer Zones thanks to which:

    • You can create a real estate search order

    • you can choose a broker to execute the order

    • you can read the documentation for the purchase

    • you can manage your order

    • you can create a portfolio of purchased properties

  • Help of a dedicated broker, which:

    • will offer you an unlimited amount of offers

    • will check the real estates you propose

    • will conduct presentations of selected real estates

    • complete the necessary documentation for the purchase

    • will help you make the right decision

    • Will negotiate appropriate purchase conditions

You no longer have to call various agencies about the offers that interest you, talking to other agents each time and thanks to the Customer Zone you can follow the entire process of purchasing your property.

The price of the activation fee always includes 5 real estate presentations and we have negotiated a discount of PLN 990 for the brokerage fees, regardless of what real estate you are looking for. 

The value of the commission is strictly dependent on the purchase price of the property. The more expensive the property will be, the lower the percentage of the commission will be in relation to the purchase price. You can see the price list here.

We encourage you to use our services.

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