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Why not have your personal advisor? Below you will find a description of one of the tasks our advisors have to take care of when looking for a property for you. You can help us with this process.

As you are the one who knows best what you expect from your future property, you can join the search and use our Client Zone to cooperate with our agent. How can you do that? Every single day when you commute to work or go shopping, you may notice interesting offers of real estate for sale that meet your basic expectations related to location, building type and condition, surroundings. Sometimes you get a telephone number from a friend who is helping you with the real estate search or you come across offers that seems interesting on advertising portals. Our agent can help you with the details.

Via your personal account in the Client Zone, you can send your advisor a phone number, a link to the advertisement or an e-mail address listed in the offer that interests you with a request to verify it. The next day, you receive to your account comprehensive information about the offer, including the price, the type and conditions of the building or business premises, included appurtenances, equipment and services, the legal situation of the property and the estimate of the maintenance costs. Based on the details, you can decide now whether it is worth taking a look at the property or whether to keep searching.

Sounds interesting? Take advantage of our services now!

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