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Now you can view as many properties as you like...

When you decide to buy a house, plot or flat, you will always receive 5 presentations that are included in the activation fee. If this turns to not to be enough, you will be able to buy additional presentations separately and take a closer look at the selected property. The price of the additional presentation is PLN 250, regardless of the type of property.

Additionally, the purchased presentations you can use when you place a Real Estate Search Order. If it turns out that you have not used all of them, we will refund the difference.

Presentation is the most important part of the real estate purchase process. We make sure that all our presentations meet the client's expectations. We will make sure that all the most important criteria are in line with your requirements. Once you decide on a specific property, our agent will negotiate the optimal price on your behalf, prepare photographic documentation, a Memorandum of Understanding regarding Real Estate Purchase and Equipment List.

Property presentations can be used in any order. Our service area includes provincial cities such as Wrocław, Krakow or Warsaw, as well as larger district cities.

Buy with TheRealEstate.pl

Our specialised offices, which also deal with the creation of investment portfolios and commercial purchases, will help you find the real estate that meets your expectations.

We always review the entire offer available on the primary and secondary market. We cooperate with other companies such as real estate offices or property developers. We review all private offers as well as other advertisements posted online and in the press, including local media and trade-specific websites.

Our services cover all types of real estate: flats, business premises, entire operating facilities, including those under construction or in the design phase. You can search either for an individual property or for an operating entity offering an opportunity of instant profits from rental.

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