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Would you like to keep all information related to real estate purchase in one place?

Now you can do that.

We have created our website with our clients' full satisfaction with the real estate purchase process in mind - for that purpose we have introduced an absolutely innovative Customer Zone, which allows you to:

  • precisely define all the criteria for the property you are looking for in our Property Search Form. You can find more information on possible criteria for example for a flat here,

  • monitor the entire purchase process - properties suggested by our agents for approval are described in detail. We verify their legal status, describe the most important elements, such as the type and condition of the building or business premises, surroundings, equipment, services and maintenance costs,

  • make the pre-payment online - immediately after submitting the Search Form you will be redirected to the online payment page where you can easily pay the initial fee,

  • have access to all documents related to the transaction - if you decide to purchase a given property, we will prepare for you all the necessary documentation - a memorandum of understanding regarding real estate purchase, equipment list, photographic documentation and hand-over protocol,

  • contact your agent - upon completion of a Property Search Form an agent will be assigned to assist you with the search. The choice of the real estate office is up to you,

  • send your agent information about the property you are interested in - the following day you receive comprehensive information regarding your inquiry in your Client Zone,

  • choose the properties you want to see - your agent will provide you with a large number of real estate offers that meet your expectations. It is up to you which ones to want to see,

  • submit a loan inquiry - if you want to verify your creditworthiness, ask our specialists to contact you,

  • submit an insurance inquiry - after purchasing a property, you can easily and quickly insure it via the Client Zone,

  • create a portfolio of selected properties - if you are interested in buying more than one property, we have prepared an individual client portfolio for you, which will allow you to commission us to rent it on your behalf.

Are you interested? Choose our services now!

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