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Do you want to buy a property but you are not sure what documents will be required for the transaction?

We want the real estate purchase process to be exceptionally client-friendly. For that purpose we have provided all the documents required for the transaction in the Client Zone. You can access them immediately after you log in - you can read them and prepare for the purchase of real estate and its rental.

What documentation is required in the real estate purchase process? Our agent will help you with the following formal requirements:

  • Preparation of a memorandum of understanding regarding real estate purchase, which includes:

    • a list of the persons present at the preparation of the memorandum

    • description of the selected property

    • negotiation of the property price

    • form of payment (in cash or with a loan)

    • the date and terms for the hand-over of the property

    • additional arrangements related to the purchase

  • Preparation of a preliminary agreement if required

  • preparation of a list of equipment and photographic documentation, which includes:

    • a list of rooms and their equipment

    • a description of the equipment and its condition

    • elements that are to remain in the property

    • photographs of the equipment and the rooms

  • Preparation of a hand-over protocol, which includes:

    • meter readings

    • acknowledgment of the receipt of the set of keys

    • verification whether all elements and equipment of the property comply with the Equipment List, prepared on the day of the inspection

  • Preparation of a property rental agreement if you decide to create an investment portfolio

Forget about formalities! We will take care of them.

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